AI-powered Human Capital Management

Taloobot provides an integrated natural-language-interfaced software to level up your HR operations.

Feature 01

Proprietary NLP Model

Our NLP model provides sentiment analysis and natural language understanding. Psychological trait profiling such as Myers-Briggs can be also done passively.

Feature 03

Flexible Integration

Taloobot can be accessed through web-apps in browsers and existing internal communications channels such as Slack. Native application and web-based client can also be made available.

Feature 02

End-to-end Integrated HRM Platform

Empower a lean HR team using integrated HRMs for employees. From new candidate tracking, onboarding, and current employee engagement through chatbots involvement.

Feature 04

Learning and Professional Development

Personalization with chatbot interface allows Taloobot to send progress reminders on learning and LMS professional development journey.

Free pilot for a limited time

Curious how we can help you optimise and scale your HR operations? We provide a simple hassle-free pilot, customizable for your company's specific needs.

Free of charge
What you will get
  • Customizable solution specific to your needs
  • Training course for HR department
  • Early access to all NLP and psychoanalysis features
  • Discounted plan after pilot period

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